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Dentist in Klamath Falls for Bridge and Crowns

If you have damaged or missing teeth, you not only feel insecure about your appearance, but you also struggle with chewing and speaking. Not to mention, your oral health has been severely compromised by the issues you face. To rehabilitate your mouth, you may need a crown or bridge. As your dentist in Klamath Falls, Dr. Jordan Singer has the solutions you need to repair or replace your teeth. Using the latest advancements in dentistry, you will benefit from natural-looking results to improve the function, health, and appearance of your teeth.

Restore Your Smile

two dental crowns

Every tooth in your mouth is important for your ability to chew and speak. Not to mention, they play an invaluable role in your oral health. When one is damaged or missing, new complications will develop, like dietary restrictions, infections, or other issues.

To rehabilitate your dental health and to improve your quality of life, Dr. Singer has the solutions you need with a bridge or dental crowns in Klamath Falls.

Repair Damaged Teeth

If you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth, you can save it from an extraction with a dental crown. This is a custom-made cap that is placed over it to restore its health, function, and appearance.

They are quite versatile, allowing them to be used for several reasons, such as to provide a weakened tooth with added strength to reduce its risk for a break of fracture. They are often used to treat a tooth that has developed a large break or has significant decay. In some cases, they can even be used as part of cosmetic services to improve the color, size, or shape of a tooth.

If is not uncommon for a crown to be used in combination with other restorative procedures as well, such as root canal therapy. Often, they are used with a dental bridge when replacing missing teeth.

Replace Missing Teeth

dental bridge

A dental bridge is an affordable and convenient solution to replace one or more missing teeth in a row. A row of prosthetic teeth is made to bridge the gap between the remaining natural ones. They will be made to match your exact needs, so they blend in seamlessly when you smile.

The bridge is then attached to a metal framework to provide durability and strength. To anchor the appliance in place, custom-made dental crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth. With the crowns holding it in place, you will not have to worry about any slipping or irritation. This provides you with a long-term solution to fill the empty spaces in your smile.

Gain a Beautiful Smile Today!

man at dentist

If damaged or missing teeth have left you feeling insecure, regain a healthy, beautiful smile today with Premier Care Dental. Dr. Singer will create a customized treatment plan to rehabilitate your mouth while also improving your quality of life and confidence.

Contact our office today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.