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Teeth Whitening

Professional Results from the Comfort of Home

Nobody wants a yellow, brown, or gray tint to their pearly whites. Unfortunately, tooth discoloration is an incredibly common problem. In fact, recent surveys report that up to 80% of Americans wish they had whiter teeth. At Premier Care Dental, we offer the most convenient way to get the sparkling smile you deserve with professional at-home teeth whitening in Klamath Falls! The take-home kits can reliably help you achieve dazzling results without any of the drawbacks of store-bought whiteners. Read on to learn more and give us a call today to schedule your consultation!

How Does At-Home Teeth Whitening Work?

before and after teeth whitening in Klamath Falls comparison

Our at-home teeth whitening kits use professional-grade products that are customized for your unique smile to give you professional results from the comfort of home. First, you’ll need to come visit us for a consultation to make sure at-home teeth whitening is right for you. Issues like tooth decay or gum disease can make teeth whitening uncomfortable, so we’ll address those problems first if needed.

Next, we’ll take impressions of your teeth to create custom whitening trays for you. Since these are molded specifically for your teeth, they provide maximum efficiency while protecting your gums and tongue. You’ll also receive personalized doses of our professional bleaching gel that are placed in the whitening trays. For the next two weeks, you’ll wear your whitening trays filled with gel for about 30 minutes a day whenever is most convenient for you. Whether you’re watching TV at the end of the night or getting ready for work in the morning, you can brighten your teeth on your schedule. Then, after about two weeks, you’ll have the gleaming pearly whites you’ve been dreaming of!

How Is At-Home Whitening Different Than Store-Bought Whiteners?

Closeup of at-home teeth whitening in Klamath Falls

Professional take-home kits may seem similar to some store-bought whiteners, but with several key advantages, such as:

  • Reliably beautiful results: Unlike store-bought whiteners that typically only achieve disappointing results, our products use powerful, tested ingredients that reliably take years of discoloration off your enamel.
  • Comfortable process: A 100% personalized treatment and checking for oral health issues beforehand ensures that the whitening process is as safe and comfortable as possible.
  • Professional support: If you have questions or concerns during your treatment, give us a call! We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you get the beautiful results you deserve.

How Do I Maintain My Results from At-Home Teeth Whitening?

Smiling woman with at-home teeth whitening in Klamath

Even though you’ll be whitening your teeth from home, you can expect the results of a professional treatment to last a year or more before needing to be touched up, especially if you care for your smile properly by:

  • Brushing and flossing every day.
  • Avoiding or limiting consumption of staining foods like dark berries and sauces.
  • Avoiding or limiting consumption of staining drinks like coffee, wine, and tea.
  • Quitting bad habits like smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Visiting us twice a year for your regular checkups and cleanings.

It’s never been easier to get a brighter smile. Give us a call today and start your journey towards a beautiful set of pearly whites!